Friday, May 15, 2009

Juicy Orchid Cardigan

I made this cardigan using this pattern from The Juicy Book 354 by Sirdar. This was a quick knit using only 11 skeins of Harvest. Harvest is 100% Australian wool yarn now discontinued from the Spotlight range. I bought a lot of this yarn on sale about a year ago. I think I was crazy at the time as I still have 19 skeins left! This yarn is hard wearing and soft, great for an everyday garment. The crepe construction lends itself to the lace pattern on the bottom of the body and sleeves as it keeps the lace form compact and neat as the yarn has minimal fuzz. My cardigan is unfortunately a bit short on me although it is longer than the instructed length. Apologies for the blurred image.

I needed:
10 balls of Harvest by Spotlight

3.5mm needles

Juicy by Sirdar book.

Yarn: 10x$1.99(at Spotlight on sale)
=$19.90 SG

1 comment:

  1. that cardigan looks gorgeous on you!! i don't think it's too short :) goes well with skirts???